The Varieties We Grow

At Tollemache Orchards we grow a wide range of varieties to satisfy consumers the world over.  Take a look below at what we grow.

Luscious TM

When ripe and ready, Luscious shows off its sweet delicate flesh and taste with hints of melon.  Luscious is eye catching, flirting it’s dark cherry red skin with pink undertones. 

Luscious is grown and controlled by Tollemache Orchards.  Available from 2020





Royal Gala

Royal Gala is a mildly sweet, juicy and aromatic apple. Royal Gala features a bright red stripe over a creamy yellow background.  Higher colour strains include Galaxy and Brookfield.  




Braeburn is a medium to large sized apple which features a bold red stripe over a red and orange background.  Braeburn has crisp white flesh with semi sweet and sharp flavours.  Braeburn has excellent storage capability.


Granny Smith

Granny Smith is a bright green apple with crisp white flesh and a very sharp taste.  The flavour sweetens with storage. Granny Smith is ideal for cooking and eating.


Red Delcious

Red Delicious has a sweet but very mild flavour. The flesh is juicy and has a light crispness and a dark and intense crimson colour with a red striped skin. 

NZ Queen

A cross between the Royal Gala and Splendour varieties.  NZ Queen is a medium to large sized, round, deep-red coloured apple with sweet crisp flesh. NZ Queen has excellent storage capability.

NZ Rose

Developed in New Zealand from a cross of Gala and Splendour.  NZ Rose has a unique rosey pink skin colour with a rich sweet flavour and crisp juicy flesh. Exceptional appearance, fruit quality and storage capability.   


Jazz TM 

Jazz is a hard crisp apple with an excellent strong sweet-sharp flavour with a pronounced fruity pear-drop note.  Jazz is a bright red Gala / Braeburn cross. Exceptional appearance, fruit quality and storage capability.      



Envy is a large apple with a deep rich red appearance with a crisp sweet flavour. Envy is also resistant to browning when cut.  Envy is a hybrid of Braeburn and Royal Gala that was developed in New Zealand.