The Tollemache Apple Story

Nestled in the sunny and fertile Heretaunga plains of Hawkes Bay New Zealand is Tollemache Orchards, a fruit growing business owned and operated by the D’Ath Family.  Even though Tollemache Orchards was founded in 1978 the D’Ath family have been growing apples, plums, peaches, nectarines and other crops since 1913.

Back in 1913 Percy D’Ath and his son Cyril planted 2.5 hectares of Sturmer, Red Delicious and Dougherty apple trees on their block of land just south of Hastings. Whether Percy knew it or not he was in fact planting the foundations of a family fruit company that over 100 years has expanded to 60 hectares of apple orchards and has seen four generations work the land. 

With over 100 years of experience behind them, Tollemache Orchards strive to be leaders within the fruit growing indsustry by producing only the very best apples for their exporters and customers.  The DAth family of Tollemache Orchards insists, 

“We are growers who care”

about their apples, their customers and most importantly the environment they work and live in. Grown and packed with love and passion by the

D’Ath Family