Meet The D'Ath Family 

To produce the finest quality apples for markets the world over Tollemache Orchards is managed by John & Kathryn D'Ath's sons Hamish, Jeremy & Michael.
Even though John and Kathryn's three other sons have pursued different careers they are just as passionate about the family business and even help out on the orchard when they can.
The fourth generation of Tollemache Orchards are excited and enthusiastic about the future of the fruit growing industry and are focused on introducing innovative growing practices and building long term relationships with exporters and customers.

John & Kathryn D'Ath


 Hamish D'Ath

Packhouse Operations, Production Planning, Exporter/Customer Communications & Compliance Manager

Jeremy D'Ath

Field Operations & Seasonal Employment Manager

Michael D'Ath

Logistics, Machinery Operations & Maintenance Manager